Frank at Jay Peak

It started around 2000 or so. Frank had been riding for over 10 years and had moved back to Agawam over a year earlier. Eventually, he was introduced to Mike, his neighbor whose house he could see out his front window. How it was that they couldn’t discover each other sooner is a mystery.

That when biking became “funner.” Riding with a partner…NO, not a gay partner…you can bull-bleep with makes it much more enjoyable. Road in the spring and summer. Mountain in the fall, and cross country skiing in the winter. Every Sunday morning, religiously. At least once during the week as well.

Three years ago or so (we don’t keep good records on this) came Ron. Frank met him at his daughter’s dance place. Introduced by the same person who introduced him to Mike, Ron joined us initially for a few mountain bike rides. We thought maybe we saw the last of him after that. Instead, he was back in the spring and suddenly we were a group. (It took a few years to get Ron enthusiastic for the woods but now it seems he loves mountain biking more than road.)

Over a year ago we met Mike-11. (Actually he’s the second Mike…there are more…but he’s 11.) At first we met him in the woods riding with some skinny bastard. We liked him right away…unfortunately for him and us. Our Mike invited the new Mike to join us for some rides and all of a sudden, we had 4.

There are others, all with appropriate first initial of their first name (no other “F’s” though). They are part time but we’ll see what we can do about that.

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t see any bikes in your photo ?

  2. Suzi Silver says:

    MFR HA! I know what that means!! Very nice Frank, keep up the good work .


  3. Anna Liakas says:

    Hey Frank,

    Very impressive Blog, and excellent writing, Yowsah! Can’t wait to read more, albeit I’ll unfortunately have to do it off work time!

    Cycle on!


  4. Jerry Rademacher says:

    Hello mfrbiking
    I came across your website when I got back from 4 mouths in hospitals but I forgot tp mark it before reading to far. I just refond it and want to thank you for the coverage of my accident.I will be in a wheelchair the rest of my life,but no broken ribs.I am one of the founding farthers of th Cyclonauts Racers and Cyclonauts.My goal is to reopen my shop,Pro Bicycle Shop.
    Thank You Again
    Jerry Rademacher

    • mfrbiking says:

      Thanks Jerry. Good luck to you. We’ve all been thinking about you. Sorry about the wheelchair but hopefully you can get out on the road with a nice fast one. Let me know when you are able to reopen your shop. I will publicize it here.

  5. Tom D says:

    Just a quick correction regarding Cowells Park and associated “New Trails”. Technically the neighborhood group did not build “New” trails. These are all trails that were pretty much there but after years of neglect were unpassable even by hikers. I suspect some were very old trails and some were not quite as old, originally cut by motorcyclists or snowmobilers. We have maintained the Metecommet Trail and connecting trails for a long time but after that early October snow a number of years ago there was so much work to be done, people started opening up these old trails along with the Meta and connectors. Since then, “the neighborhood” has taken over the maintenance for hikers and bikers to enjoy. Just wanted to clear that up and be sure nobody thought there were a bunch of rogue chainsaw wielding bikers in the woods. It’s all about the maintenance. Enjoy.

  6. "Frankie Millstomne" says:

    Keep cycling and keep writing

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