Ride Log

Sunday, May 1: starting at 8:00 off the route 57 rotary in Agawam, just before going under the bridge. 50 miles or so planned.

Sunday, December 19: Moving Day for my mom. Great upper body workout planned with some leg presses as we lift all that heavy stuff. Join me for some fun.

Sunday, Dec 5: Back at 911 , Going over Provin, out to Rising Corner and follow the road back to the Blue Trail.
We plan on marking the trail off that back to the road as well.

Tuesday, Nov 15: Robinson, starting at the school, not canceled unless its pouring out

Tuesday, Nov 2: Robinson and Provin, starting at 911 gate

Tuesday, Oct 26: At Robinson, possibly over Provin Mountain.

Wednesday, Oct 20: Robinson for some smooth stuff.

Tuesday, Oct 19: With Doug somewhere.

Sunday, Oct 17: The ridge in Granby at Newgate Road.

Wednesday, Oct 13: Robinson for some smooth stuff.

Tuesday, Oct 12: With Doug at Shenipset, north side, unless we hear otherwise.

Oct 6: Wednesday in Robinson or starting at 911. Lets discuss.

Oct 5: Doug and guys are going to Brimfield, I’m going to Robinson with Phil, hopefully others as well, weather permitting

Sunday, October 3 will be a “Wrapple Ride.” Happy Fall.

  1. Ron C says:

    Great write up Frank,
    Hope I can sound half as profound.
    Crazy freakin weather this week, basically got no workout on the bikes, ohh the pain,
    weekend looks good maybe a bit cool at the start,

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