She Said

As bikers go, we may be older and wiser, but we’re still guys, so don’t expect the humor during our rides to be anything but juvenile. That said, the running (riding?) joke for us has been taken from the TV show “The Office”. This has been a constant for some time now. These quotes are actually real and have been said at one time or another. Please insert “That’s what she said.” after each of the following lines…

“It’s harder than you think.”

“It’s not as hard as it looks.”

“It’s not as long as you think.”

“I like it a little squishy.”

“I like it a little soft.”

“He has a Giant one.”

“That was a great ride.”

You can see where this humor is going…down the toilet. I’m sure I will be adding to this page as time goes on.

11/25/2012 Update:

“I get the blood flowing by shaking it, then sticking it straight up in the air, then pointing it back down forcing the blood back in.”

11/27/2012 Update (submitted by Ron):

“It’s really slippery today.”

“C’mon, you can get up that.”

12/4/2012 Update:

“Best two seconds of my life.”

“Yours is twisted.”

12/16/2012—All of these stated by Carl. Almost all of these statements, first recognized as “she saids” by Mike 10. I was having an off day.

“I had to yank it real hard to get it off.”

“It slipped out a couple of times.”

“An ‘innie’ is better than an ‘outie’—at least you won’t kill yourself.”

“It was semi-blown.”

“Don’t touch hairy vines.”

4/28/2013 Update—Maybe the BEST of the Season!

“We got it in the face going out and coming in.” I have to say, it doesn’t get any better than that.

12/14/2014 Update:

“…tubeless in the rear.” And then I asked “Hey Mike, do you like tubeless in the rear?”

  1. roncharb says:

    it’s really slippery today

    c’mon, you can get up that

    WOW! so smooth, (that might be questionable)

    timing’s off, (again)

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