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2-8-15 Mt Tom Snowshoeing

Carl’s dog Tucker was missing. We were heading back on a trail midway down the mountain. Carl had just discovered that his dog took off and took off through the woods following Tucker’s tracks.

Mike 10, Carl and I  (and Scout and Tucker) started by crossing route 141 from the Mt. Joe’s Coffee shack. We had a touch climb snowshoeing up Mt. Tom. I had wished I brought my poles. Mike and Carl were doing better than I was. Scout was following Tucker along the trail. Once in a while I had to yell to him to come back. Sometimes I had to yell more than once. Closer to the top he disappeared for a bit. I figured I knew where he would be but I would hate to be wrong.

Last time Mike 10 did this hike, it was in the other direction. We ended up going down the steep hill from the top. That bothered his knees and he was unsure that he wanted to do that again. He was finding this route much better.

At the top we followed the edge of the mountain. It was a cloudy day, the snow was heavy and the snowshoes were absolutely necessary. The dogs stayed close following the existing tracks.

Until we descended to the B17 memorial. Tucker started sprinting down the access road with Scout following obediently behind. I had to run down the road yelling like a madman…”Scout, come, come…” I must have made a nice impression with Mike. So much for a peaceful walk.

Carl was mostly unaware at first but was soon close behind me. He figured that Tucker must have gotten the scent of deer and was following his nose. Our yelling did the trick though and the dogs came back, chugging back up the road almost as fast as they did running away.

Following the trail, Scout was in front of us on a “verbal” leash. I made sure he stayed well in sight. Tucker stayed behind Carl…until he wasn’t.

Mike and I were not shuffling off trail with Carl. We went forward slowly thinking that he could have circled around us and could be up the trail. More than once with my old dog, I would think he was gone and he would just show up looking at me with a “what’s the problem” look.

We kept in contact with Carl by phone. He called back saying he found him. Found him 20 yards below him on a steep, icy hill. Tucker had gone looking for those deer he smelled. “Its very steep but I’ll try to get him to come to me.” Five minutes later Carl was heading back towards us with his dog. He would meet us back at the cars.

We got out of the woods just before Carl. Carl offered to buy us coffee for our troubles. They were his troubles but I was accepting anyway. Mt Joes to Go…damn good coffee.

Mt Tom

I finally got the snowshoes to work this year. Just in time too. Ron, Carl, Dave and I were going up Mt. Tom a few weeks ago and we couldn’t do it without them. This was Ron’s first time on snowshoes and he was very impressed, never expecting so much fun and success. A few weeks earlier we had made the hike without them and he had a terrible time up the orange trail then back down the mountain.

This time Ron had the smart idea to do it in reverse. We headed right up the mountain, followed the edge then down the trail to the B-17 Memorial. Then we crossed the access road and followed the orange trail back down. It’s much easier and safer coming back on the flatter route.

Since then, I’ve done it with Dave, then a Saturday hike with my four kids and Scout, then this past Sunday hike with my wife Toni, Joe and Scout again.

Starting with the kids on that Saturday snowshoes haven’t been necessary, especially with all the hikers flattening out the route. Some days the snow is soft, some days it’s icy going up.

When I was with my kids, we discovered a group of para-gliders preparing to “launch” (not jump) off the mountain. They were waiting for the winds to change forcing us to move on and miss the show.

Turning down the mountain, the kids appreciated the B-17 memorial and then the large icicles. That next Sunday, Joe enjoyed showing his mom all that stuff all over again.

As always, the hike finishes with treats at “Mt. Joe to Go” below the the Log Cabin.

Mt Tom Kids